Our activities at Birchfield take a multitude of research and theories and merge them together to suit our children’s best suited method of learning. Play at Birchfield is based upon their interests (or favourite toys), where they are at in their development (according to the EYFS), and the topic of the term. 

Planned activities may be done 1:1, or as a group; depending on the nature of the activity. If your child has alternative needs, or requires extensive attention in one specific area of learning, be sure to tell your child’s key worker. Birchfield also benefits from a reasonably sized garden area where children can develop:

PSED: Using the playhouse or holding tea parties, and other forms of role play. Children may also follow movements of raindrops, leaves and clouds – capturing their attention and help them have new experiences. Different textures which can be found in the outdoors can help manage children’s feelings. 

Communication and Language: Learning the names of bugs, what we can find in sand (sand play) and the sea (water play), treasure hunts, tea parties, and a multitude of other activities can improve children’s word banks and pronunciation. Forest schools have been shown to aid the communication and language skills of under 5’s, we have tried to create this at Birchfield. 

Literacy:  Children use the outdoor tables for mark making, worksheets, reading, and individual one to one sessions with a practitioner. Children may also use role play activities to improve their word bank. 

Understanding the World:  carrying out experiments to show solids and fluids such as ice.  Using the drainpipes to see how gravity pulls water down.  Using the tuff spot for numerous activities.

Physical Development:   practising balancing using the tyres, games using a large parachute, football, skipping hula hooping and many many other sports games used to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Numeracy:  games such as hop scotch, number mats, and treasure hunts are all used to help children learn numbers in a fun way.

Expressive arts and design:  free mark making, chalks , paints, and many more activities that are set out on the floor, walls, and the outdoor tables.