Are you looking for the perfect environment that encourages your child to creatively develop her/ his own unique personality? Seems like you came to the right place because we offer you high-quality care services while making sure your child is in the safest environment possible. Your child will enjoy their time with us as well as learn new things, developing his/her personality and make new friends so make the right choice for your child.

Our vision

Early investment in children’s lives is the key to their future outstanding achievements and so at every step, we take responsibility for each unique child and make sure they grow up beautifully. During their learning journey with us, children are taught using the Early Years Curriculum.

Our mission

To offer high-quality child care in a warm, welcoming and safe environment for all children. We provide close and loving personal care for each child and their family ensuring that everyone is treated equally but as an individual. Partnership with the child’s parents and family is an essential part of our mission. We build great relationships between our expert staff and families.

We help children reach their full potential, offering them the best start in life.

*We conform to EYFS standards guidelines and work with the regulations set by Ofsted.

Birchfield-Nursery is definitely a home away from home and we are proud to watch each child grow into confident, contented, happy child who we know will make an impact in the future.